Development & Design Engineering Services:

3D Solids (Catia, Solidworks, ProE): $110

CAE, CFD & Cert: $90/hr.

FAA Cert: $130/hr.

Member Testing & Evaluation: $180/hr avg based on requirements


01/ valid for 12 months

02/ non-refundable

03/ 100% transferable

Our Updates:

25 / 03 / 2016

Initial Presentations &
​Springtime is in the air –- and so our launch of the new SolutionCell materials.  Meet us in person @ the Aero-Def Conference in Long Beach, CA.  Please contact the office to reserve or request a presentation and how we can serve your needs for competitive advantages over the competition.


Space Conference
TO find out more in details on futre programs & events, meet Shawn Boike & Team mates at the NSS Space Conference 

Aerospace Industry - Our Future?

Explore the world of Aerospace and its evolution over time and how it effects the economy & the entire Countries place and effect your entire life. 



AIC can be more than just a product and service providers, with experience in many various transportation manufacturing OEM industry and government certification to bring your products to market.  Give Shawn Boike a call @ 562.343.5660 / 562.338.9911 

Welcome to the Future in Aerospace!

At, we're all industrious experts in the New Product Development. From Aerospace; Spacecraft, Satellites, Aircraft, Automotive, Electric Vehicles,  Marine, Amphibious and Biomedical Devices for Human Sciences.  We are please to bring you the new SolutionCell creators of "Insta-Grid" a self power solar microwave fabric.  We also are creating motion Controllable and Adaptive Surface Morphing/Mimicking Materials.

Space solar power

 Building the Space Solar Power Transmission Systems with >100+ Smaller Satellites with morphing mirrors can produce over 70-100 Terawatts and power most of the World for decades/a century.  



​Long Beach, CA. 90803,,,

Which handles huge strains (>50%) and is easy to control to handle real loads.  Lighter than conventional aircraft actuator systems.  Provides less drag & less cost for actuation & certifiable under FAR 23/25, 27,29. 

​Independence is Here: Energy & Communications Structural Fabric

​Insta-Grid TM aka, Solar-Microwave Fabric (SMF) is a mass-produced, thin, flexible membrane upon which is printed various combinations of solar cells, microwave patch antennas, and analog control devices. The fabric can provide solar power directly to other devices, or, can use collected power for communications or transmit the power to other distant locations.

​Power & Communications

To have real freedom and independence from not having access to: power, energy & communication grid system, we have the solution.  Revolutionary Insta-Grid can provide that for you with our Patented light weight Solar Microwave Fabric, originally designed for Space applications now comes down to earth for you.

Uses Only Limited by your Imagination

We draw attention to near-term applications that are enabled by Insta-Grid and perhaps not anticipated before the invention of Insta-Grid.

SolutionCell Seating & More

Some seats have 2 to 14 actuators of different stroke & force.  Replacement with SolutionCell will yield weight savings of 1 - 16 lbs @ cost savings of $750-$1,500 per lb.  SolutionCell easily satisfies FAR 25.562 for crash absorbtion.